Sunday, March 18, 2018

Playing and resting kitties

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and we kitties have been playing and some have been resting. 

Aunty Chappie loves to sit on the kitty scratching post in the sun. Our yoomen dad made this scratching post which is a giant mouse. We all use it as supposed but Chappie also lies on it...

Aunty Chappie relaxeson her perch in the sun
Unca Shadow and I have a game
We both freeze while we wait to pounce on each other !

Here is the nifty mouse scratching post our yoomen dad made for us
Dad Ginger lies on Mum's computer bag and watches all
I scrabbled Mum's typed sheets all over the carpet
It's great fun to slide across the paper laying on the carpet
Outside Mum called me and I came dashing towards Chappie sitting on the veranda 

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Shop kitty

Earlier this week when I posted about our shop kitty, a blogger friend asked if she ever gets off leash, 

The answer is yes!

During the day she is on this long leash which is just looped over a rail which allows her quite a free range but should she get loose and race down the veranda as she's wont to do, I'm able to dash after her and step on the leash, which stops her in her tracks.

At night, however, she sleeps in Colette's shop among and on the hides, sans collar or leash. She has the run of the whole shop from 5pm until 8.45 am when Colette opens her shop.

At present two more half-grown kittens have arrived to share Missy's space. At first she growled and hissed and Mama Jo kept her on "this side" of the veranda. Today she's loose again and indoors with her new BFF. One kitty is a smokey grey and the other is ginger striped. The latter has climbed up on a walled ledge in the shop and fallen asleep there. Missy and the grey kitty have shared a meal together (served separately) and at the moment, are dashing all over the shop playing. 

The door is closed and customers know to enter so it's business as usual for Colette. With the added attraction of the cute kitties on view. 
 Hello Mama Jo, is this a good pose for your blog? (note her leash is free)
 One part of Colette's hide and nature shop
 This is where Missy Miscot hangs out at night and now is playing with her new kitty friend

Soon I'll post Missy and the grey kitty playing... 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Modern friendships

Although this is on Wordless Wednesday, I need to add my two bob's worth here. 

I open and set up my shop, which is almost in the middle of the complex building,  every morning. I have a display on the veranda and while I'm arranging the paintings and other artifacts, several  young people pass me on the veranda. 

Young, attractive and intelligent men and women who work in the various outlets further along the shopping center. They all approach heads down, dead silent and reading things on their phones. I know not what. But there is no interaction between the people in any given group and no talking. They look up briefly to greet me and then it's heads down focused on the little screen flickering in their hand. 

This morning I noticed a whole group of young people who had stopped and were reading their messages or watching videos. Who knows? I took the photos but unfortunately the cashier from the supermarket saw me, smiled and alerted the others to0 what I was doing ! I asked them what they were watching on their phones, which got them giggling. So I still know not what. 

 In the seventies when I was young , girls would walk to work, head held high and a spring in their step. If they had to walk past a vehicle workshops and the young lads under the cars whistled, they flicked their heads up ignoring them but their bottoms would also automatically give a little waggle! 

How times have changed...

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